We are a purely Mozambican company, dedicated to the Provision of Employment Agency Services (Recruitment & Temporary Assignment of Professionals) and Assessment. We are especially geared towards the satisfaction of our target audience and we believe that our success depends entirely on Quality Health and Safety at work, which is why we continuously implement and monitor a Quality Management System, Health and Safety at Work, according to the normative references of ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.
In this context, we adopted a Quality, Health and Safety at Work Policy, based on the following commitments:


  •   Excellence in the provision of services through the application of efficiently proven methodologies and constant attention to the specific needs of our Clients;

  •   Development of employee skills, through training, participatory management, improvement of processes and services within the scope of the Management System;

  •   Identify, reduce, eliminate and / or control any and all risks detected to the physical integrity and health of our employees and other parties that may come into contact with our infrastructures and / or be affected by our activities;

  •   Control and mitigation of risks harmful to the physical integrity and health of our employees and other parties that, eventually, come into contact with our infrastructure and / or be affected by our activities;

  •   Monitoring of incidents and unsafe conditions, through previous identification, reporting, investigation and treatment of irregularities, in order to avoid recurrences;

  •   Development of actions to ensure compliance with legislation and other compliance obligations signed by the company;

  •   Participation and consultation of all employees in matters related to health and safety at work, as well as the entire Management System;

  •   Continuous improvement of the Management System, processes, activities, including emergency preparedness in order to prioritize the safety and health of all;

  •   Establish and monitor objectives, metrics and performance indicators to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Management System.

This Policy will be disseminated, implemented and revised whenever necessary, in order to ensure its adequacy to the context of the company and guarantee its compliance.

Maputo, on the 16th of June 2020
Nuno Sidónio Uinge
(Chairman of the Board of Directors)