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  Nível académico exigido : Licenciado
  Estado académico aceite : Concluido
  Algum curso profissional em Geral
  Estado do curso aceite: Concluido
  Mínimo de 2 anos de experiência na área
  Nacionalidade : Moçambicana
  Ter a idade entre 18 à 55 anos
  Línguas exigidas : Português Inglês
  Documento obrigatório : Curriculum Vitae
  País da vaga : Moçambique
  Disponiblidade para trabalhar em Cabo Delgado

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-    Ensure the overall cleanliness of the Hospital as per the SOP, including accurate scheduling of periodical cleaning plans. 
-    Updates constantly about new cleaning machinery, cleaning chemicals and cleaning procedures arising in the market.
-    Supervise compliance to company rules and regulations and exercises disciplinary measures as needed.
-    Conduct sudden inspection along with the housekeeping supervisors. 
-    Prepares and/or adjusts departmental job description for each job category.
-    Control, request and purchases all supplies related to housekeeping and uniforms for all staff. 
-    Control inventories and costs of cleaning supplies, consumables and housekeeping equipment and machinery. 
-    Supervise and control lost and found. 
-    Works closely with client representative and engineering department. 
-    Involves in annual budget.
-    Promotes teamwork within the department. 
-    Health and safety to ensure that all staff in the housekeeping department knows and understands safety procedures and effective reporting is maintained. 
-    Ensure all staff has a safe environment within which to work and ensure all staff adopts safe working habits. 
-    Checks regularly the night shift for cleaning. 
-    To regularly inspect offices, VIP floor, corridors, public toilets, etc.to ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness. 
-    To effectively handle all clients complaints, taking corrective action to prevent recurrence and convert the guest into a repeat customer. 
-    Ensures all housekeeping staff is thoroughly familiar with emergency procedures and are prepared for any emergency that may occur at particular site. 
-    Execution of regular technical and skills training.
-    Responsible for setting up and maintaining ongoing training programs in conjunction with the training manager. 
-    Maintains a monthly overview of vacation and public holiday balance of all staff and delivers a monthly consolidated summary to the Hospitality GM.


-    Knowledge in computer essential – Should be able to work on MS Office. 
-    Should be a Graduate or Diploma / Degree in Hotel management 
-    Having experience of at least 10 years in the industry and 2 years in the required position 
-    Having good communication skills to develop a good client / customer relationship 
-    Fluent in Portuguese.

-    Planning & Organizing
-    Teamwork
-    Time management
-    Problem solving
-    Safety
-    Communication


To plan, organize and execute all operations under our scope of work on the unit and manage the cleanliness of the premises.

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