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  Nível académico exigido : Licenciado
  Estado académico aceite : Concluido
  Algum curso profissional em Geral
  Estado do curso aceite: Concluido
  Mínimo de 3 anos de experiência na área
  Nacionalidade : Moçambicana
  Ter a idade entre 18 à 55 anos
  Línguas exigidas : Português Inglês
  Documento obrigatório : Curriculum Vitae
  País da vaga : Moçambique
  Disponiblidade para trabalhar em Maputo Cidade

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The warehouse Manager will oversee the efficient receipt, storage, value-adding servicing and dispatch of a wide variety of products. ▪ He/she should be able to ensure productivity targets are achieved and that all warehouse processes are running smoothly and promptly.


▪ Fluency in English and Portuguese is required. ▪ Proven work experience as a warehouse manager ▪ Expertise in warehouse management procedures and best practices ▪ Proven ability to implement process improvement initiatives ▪ Strong knowledge of warehousing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ▪ Hands on experience with warehouse management software and databases ▪ Leadership skills and ability manage staff ▪ Strong decision making and problem solving skills ▪ Excellent communication skills ▪ BS degree in logistics, supply chain management or business administration


To implement, maintain and follow the company's standard warehouse practices and record keeping in accordance with audit trail standards. ▪ To ensure the correct storage and rotation of stocks, as well as proper structural maintenance of warehouse(s) in view of maintaining all stocks in good condition, according to the company's HSEQ standards. ▪ To liaise and maintain timely communications with relevant units, departments and services to ensure the timely and efficient receipt and dispatch of goods from the warehouse(s) in support of their activities. In particular to ensure that a minimum stock is available at all times and to ensure that short shelf life products are dispatched before their expiry date or before being spoiled. ▪ To implement and maintain security and safety procedures and systems. ▪ To maintain accurate stock records and controls at all times; to consolidate the weekly stock reports, to consolidate the monthly stock reports and provide them to the Administrator of the Supply Chain. ▪ To initiate a product recall and withdrawal (for material supplied from Central Warehouse) when the need arises with the support form Operation and HSEQ. ▪ To advice on warehousing issues that affect the overall logistics operation. ▪ To organize local labour to affect the timely and efficient reception and dispatch of goods within the warehouse. ▪ To support, train and develop the competencies of local employees, as required. ▪ To ensure sufficient stock of PPE available for all activities at warehouse and are made available at point of usage. ▪ To organise training on Job Safety Analysis and other HSE related subject in coordination with HSEQ. ▪ To report any incident/accident happens at the warehouse and support the HSEQ in identifying its root cause and implementing the corrective action.

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