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  Nível académico exigido : Licenciado
  Estado académico aceite : Concluido
  Algum curso profissional em Construção Civíl
  Estado do curso aceite: Concluido
  Mínimo de 3 anos de experiência na área
  Nacionalidade : Moçambicana
  Ter a idade entre 18 à 45 anos
  Língua exigida : Inglês
  Documento obrigatório : Curriculum Vitae
  País da vaga : Moçambique
  Disponiblidade para trabalhar em Maputo Cidade

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The assignment is in the overall context of the project implementation phase and shall substantially contribute to reach the results as stipulated in the Planning Documents of the Company. Milestones and deliverables are defined in the referred documents and are to be met strictly.


Profile, qualifications, competencies and experiences
-    The candidate m/f must have the nationality of Mozambique
-    Engineer of civil construction (m/f) with good connection to construction companies or similar qualifications
-    Work experiences in the local construction sector and/or in national, international agencies or organizations, Work experiences in Projects; 
-    Work experiences in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation;
-    Competences in vocational training of construction sector and know how in different training systems;
-    Competencies and experiences in using of MS office as Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook and Internet;
-    Safe fluent speaking and writing in Portuguese and English e capacities in drafting and writing reports in Portuguese and English


Duties and Responsibilities: The training coordinator will be responsible for:
•    Monitoring of training and project processes, elaboration of Tracer Studies 
•    Value chain assessment;
•    Development of business cases as inputs for partnership and alliances forming;
•    Organizing of partnerships with FME, Associations, construction companies and Training Institutions;
•    Development of alliances between stakeholders national and international;
•    Collaboration between FME, Associations and companies based a data base 
•    Establish partnerships with private sector, public sector and other organizations or donors in the construction sector. 
•    Identification of potential areas of construction training in small and medium construction companies;
•    Preparation of TORs and contracts for consultants (on training, business planning, etc.);
•    Documentation and dissemination of the best practices and innovations on vocational training,
•    Participation in forums and events to form alliances;
•    Preparation of tender documents for research contracts.