Nível académico exigido : Licenciado
  Formação académica em Tecnologias
  Possiveis estados académicos aceites : Finalista Interrompido Concluido
  Curso profissional em Tecnologias
  Possiveis estados do curso aceites : Finalista Interrompido Concluido
  Mínimo de 0 anos de experiência na área
  Nacionalidade : Moçambicana
  Idade entre 18 à 40 anos
  Língua exigida : Inglês
  Documento obrigatório : Curriculum Vitae
  País da vaga : Moçambique
  Para trabalhar em Maputo Provincia


The purpose of the role is primarily to maintain and protect all tech based equipment on the property, to ensure preventative maintenance on all equipment, to ensure faulty equipment or systems are repaired in a timely fashion, and to maintain the licencing, protection and optimum functionality of all the tech equipment used on the premises. In so doing negative guest impact is to be minimised and positive guest experiences maximised at all times. To log and maintain the company asset register on an on-going basis and to submit this annually as requested. As a secondary function this person is to cover in various support functions; namely as social media contact person for Head Office marketing team (includes providing pictures and acting as photographer at special events), support administrator in the finance department when other administrators are on leave, Music and sound system support (liasing with DJ`s at events and helping with set ups, ensuring music systems on the property are operational) and the maintenance of software programmes used as well as upskilling new staff into optimally using resort based software.


1. Higher Education qualification in Information Systems/Computer Science
2. Experience in networking
3. Software and Hardware repair and troubleshooting
4. POS operations
5. Technical skills (cable splicing, minor computer repairs etc)
6. Basic understanding of financial accounting


1. Submit a detailed monthly report by the 5th of every month
2. Maintain a weekly log of the status of all tech equipment in every room and all guest areas, and submit the current status at month end for your report
3. Training and cross training all the staff on their operations in the task of POS & Administration, understanding the different tools available and their uses
4. Recommending information technology strategies, policies, and procedures by evaluating organization outcomes; identifying problems; evaluating trends; anticipating requirements; ensuring the quality and functionality of the Resort information infrastructure
5. Troubleshoot system and network problems, diagnosing and solving hardware or software fault
6. Do a monthly check of all antennas, satellite dishes, cables, poles and all or any networking, television, wifi, fibre optic or technical equipment and report back on them for condition and functionality
7. Liaise closely with all support IT companies and tech companies on repairs and maintenance of our IT systems
8. Strategically think about cost saving on IT and tech ( i.e do not have subscriptions or equipment that is superfluous to requirements)
9. Drive the condition in both appearance and functionality of all music systems and equipment, cameras, laptops, desktops, go-pro’s and smart phones / tablets under ownership of White Pearl Resorts
10. Maintain the asset register and submit with month end report
11. Assist at marketing events especially where Tech displays are part and parcel of the event
12. Assist with any Ad hoc requirements when asked from time to time by managers, for example print or label design
13. Maintain the server and the server room to a high degree of order, cleanliness and efficiency
14. Keep a stock sheet of all the IT equipment stored or used at WPR
15. To assist in all or any duties that require technical skill
16. To arrange and manage repairs and purchasing of IT equipment with sign off from the GM on quotes for

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