A DC Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a DC, making sure it runs smoothly and effectively. Their duties include motivating staff, creating business strategies, developing promotional material, and training new staff. ● Make sure that the needs of our Distributors are being satisfied. ● To provide excellent Distributor Service and to promote this idea throughout the organization. ● Manage, administrate and maintain the efficient flow of Distributor Services. ● Support company’s Distributors, Executive Management and Distribution Centres.


· Marketing and or Sales Diploma an advantage · Public Relations and or Communications Diploma qualification will be an advantage · At least 3 years’ experience in a Customer Service Manager’s position is essential. · Previous Experience in Managing a Team is essential. · Excellent Communication and presentation skills as well as Proficient Writing Skills are essential. · Computer literacy i.e. Power Point, Word and Excel is essential. · Excellent Distributor Service (Customer Service) Skills. · Training of Staff. · Thorough knowledge of company’s Marketing Plan, Policies & Procedures and Products will be an advantage/essential. · Previous Management/Supervisory experience will be essential. · Strong organizational skills and ability to work on various projects simultaneously. · Ability to work as part of a team. · Ability to work under deadline pressure. · Build and maintain good relationships with Distributors. · Build and maintain good relationships with Staff. · Level of trust/respect with staff/colleagues. · Excellent time-management, organizational, analytical and problem-solving skills. · Should be able to lead, motivate and relate well to people. · A self-disciplined, positive, a good team member and have a good judge of character. · Tactfulness, honesty, high sense of responsibility, methodical and well organized. · A calm, good listener and able to accept criticism and achievement-focused individual. · Follow procedures and are able to use your own initiative. · Co-operation and assistance given to other departments. · Self-motivated, strong and assertive individual. · Communication skills that allow you to inform, help and advise. Distributors clearly and to liaise effectively with other professionals. · Listening skills, to understand exactly what Distributors require. ·Confidence, patience, politeness, tact and diplomacy, when dealing with difficult situations. ·Motivational skills and an ability to supervise and lead a team of Distributor service assistants. ·Creative thinking, to be able to come up with new ideas to improve Distributor service standards. ·An ability to work well under pressure. ·Organizational and planning skills to develop Distributor service policies. ·Good personal presentation, especially when working with Distributors face-to-face. ·A commitment to improve your own Distributor service skills on an ongoing basis. ·No Smokers: The organization has a responsibility to ensure this is reflected in all its work, including in its recruitment practices and in the image projected by the Organization and its staff members.


•Deliver excellent service to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. •Motivate Distributor Service Officers to assist to meet sales objectives by training and mentoring staff. •Create business strategies to attract new customers, expand DC traffic, and enhance profitability. •Hire, train, and oversee new staff. •Respond to customer complaints and concerns in a professional manner. •Ensure DC compliance with health and safety regulations. •Develop and arrange promotional material and in-store displays. •Prepare detailed reports on buying trends, customer requirements, and profits. •Undertake store administration duties such as managing store budgets and updating financial records. •Monitor inventory levels and order new items. Distributor Services You may work at various levels, from the Back to the Front-end of the business and in most cases, will be: •Helping to develop and implement a Distributor Service Policy •Finding ways to measure Distributor satisfaction and improve services •Managing a team of Distributor Service Staff •Handling face-to-face enquiries from Distributors. •Providing help and advice to Distributors using our Organisation's products or services •Communicating courteously with Distributors by telephone, email, letter and face-to-face •Investigating and solving Distributors' problems, which may be complex or long-standing problems that have been passed on by Distributor Service Officers •Keeping accurate records of discussions or correspondence with Distributors •Analysing statistics or other data to determine the level of Distributor service provided in our organisation •Analysing statistics and or data to establish levels of productivity amongst staff within the various Distributor Centres. •Report Writing on the above results as well as identifying problematic areas and implement action plans to improve future results and either continue •Producing written information for Distributors, often involving use of computer packages and software •Developing feedback or complaints procedures for Distributors •Improving Distributor service procedures, policies and standards for the Distributor Centres involved and for our organisation •Meeting with other managers and stakeholders to discuss possible improvements to Distributor Services and Centres •Learning about our organisation's products or services and keeping up to date with changes •Keeping ahead of developments in Distributor service by reading relevant journals, going to meetings and attending courses. Distributor Relations •Setting, communicating and managing the goals and objectives of Distributor Centres (OKR’s) •Formulate and implement policies and procedures. •Manage costs – Budgets. •Monitor Query Handling Forms. •Ensure all procedures are followed at Distributor Centres. •Process of orders as and when required. •Involve in Month-end Processes. •Supply training notes to Distributor Centres. Manage Staff •Develop and Management own and Staff’s OKR’s •Recruit Staff •Appraise Staff •Motivate Staff •Discipline Staff •Hold regular meetings with Supervisors/Managers

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